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Charms / Keychains
Untitled by AssClownFish
Selling off the remainder of my keychains/phone charms so I can start paying off my car and I figured it would be easiest to do it through here. What is there is what I have left. Price includes shipping. They are shipped disassembled so they don't break, but the pieces are left so they're easy to put together. 

I have: 4 Snivy, 1 Ditto, 1 Raichu, 1 Jolteon, 2 Spheal, 1 Mewtwo, 2 Drifloon, 1 Scrafty charm/chain and one pin. And then two simple decorative ones on the left. Let me know which one you want and either phone charm or keychain. [If you want more than one, note me]. Note: I am not making more as of now, but that doesn't mean I never will. 

If you have questions, please ask. 
Help David Pay For Hospital Bills
The-valkyrie-ryu-gaiacom by AssClownFish
NordicGaiacom by AssClownFish
Gaia Commission thing yeah by AssClownFish
Basically, I got the wonderful experience of being hospitalized not that long ago due to a nice little stomach infection that fucked my life over for about 2 weeks. I basically need like 50 bucks a month and I'm hoping for a bit of a headstart, ya feel me? 

So I'm doing these traditional sketches that I honed out my skills being a tool on Gaia for. [I haven't done traditional art in like 3 years leave me alone]. 

Price is art + speedy delivery, friend. I can have this to you in a day from accepting your commission. [probably faster]. 

If you want to work out something bigger, feel free to PM me. 
I haven't made a post since December and I'm way behind on the whole, Hi, hello happy goddamn new year. Well, fuck the new year already. I spent 10 days incapacitated because my body decided it preferred submitting to its bullshit disorder. 

All I'm going to say is, never make fun of IBS because it is fucking brutal. fucking brutal

Anyway, I felt like popping over to the actual ART website to promote that I'm selling some of my unused art supplies at pretty much theft rates because prismacolor isn't cheap goddamn. [Now that I can steal the BF's copics I don't need to keep the prismacolors when I won't use them aha whoops and I kinda did just buy a new tablet so there's that.] < Is where I'm tossing them up. I'm kind of trying to collect money to pay for the fact that my girlfriend is coming over from California [yes I said girlfriend because while David was gone he took up polyamory and decided he can't stick to one significant other whoops again.] 

I'm also still doing the commission thing, but it's not real urgent. The ones I did I didn't post, because what is style [Let's blame the fact that I fell into the anime wagon with tongue and cheek okay. I am far too lazy to produce legit art. [unless you throw lots of money at me, but let's face it, I can direct you to twenty better artists.] 

I might throw up the remainder of the keychain/charms I made ages ago under the commission widget to get rid of them. And justify the money spent for the con coming up. 

That being said, for the few poor bastards who got all the way through this, how the hell are ya? 

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How does one successfully troll in real life? :noes:
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